Welcome to CAESOL, Computer Aided Engineering Solutions - Product Design - Tooling & Fixtures / Equipment Design

SolidWorks Mechanical Design ExpertDoes your comapny have an idea or design you want to develop? 

Caesol Limited is a Galway based mechanical engineering company providing product design & development services. With experience across a range of design projects, we can develop your idea from concept to production.

We are an engineering services provider for a variety of clients, from small to medium companies and work closely with our customers developing a reputation as a trustworthy partner in a variety of industries. By joining your concept with our skills base and experience we aim to deliver the most cost efficient designs for manufacture.

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Why Choose Caesol?

  • Experienced and Qualified Engineers.
  • Certified to SolidWorks Expert & Professional levels.
  • We use advanced CAE tools (CAD, CAM, FEA etc.) to Design, Model, Simulate, Animate, Prototype and Manufacture your product.
  • All intellectual property is owned by you!
  • Fast project turnaround time.
  • Qualified Engineers specialised in Finite Element Analysis.
  • Practical manufacturing experience.
  • Excellent after service support.

As R&D is necessary in all industries we enable anyone with a viable product concept have access to the latest engineering services on the market. With CAESOL you will receive a quick response to any queries. Whether your project requires a few days or lasting upward of 3 months, we can tailor a solution to your needs. Our Engineers have practical hands-on experience in operating, programming and managing various manufacturing processes at all level of the manufacturing sector which gives us a unique insight into practical solutions to problems encountered saving client's time and money.

We offer support to take our clients ideas from concept, through the design & analysis process to manufacture which makes us stand out from other product design firms. We work in variety of manufacture sectors from sheet metal to plastics, allowing us to have a great deal to offer in terms of project experience and guidance. This experience is backed up by our educational qualifications and industry certifications.

If you choose CAESOL you are making the right decision to maximise the potential for your unique ideas.